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Self diagnosis of Entrepreneurial attitudesSelf diagnosis of Entrepreneurial attitudes

Helps assess the likelihood of success when starting up a new business project.
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Business planBusiness plan(NEW)

Analyze a business opportunity and assess its technical, economic and financial viability. [Learn more +]
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Simulate business models to test a business idea.
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Self diagnosis to access new marketsSelf diagnosis to access new markets

Obtain an assessment of the business situation when planning to open abroad (internationalization). [Learn more +]
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Self-assessment – SMEs facing innovationSelf-assessment – SMEs facing innovation

Cotec Foundation has generated a model which can perform a quick self-assessment on how a company is addressing innovation. It only requires filling out a short questionnaire with responses of "yes" or "no".
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Please register to use the tools (except the self-assessment questionnaire). Identification it´s required (user and password).

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