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Financing Entrepreneurs and SMEs

SMEs, sole traders and entrepreneurs often struggle to access finance. Many problems are due to the information of public support is scattered and difficult to locate. In this section we provide a single point of information for public aid and incentives through the following sections:

  • Search grants and subsidies: you can access quickly and easily the information of all aid and incentives summoned by government and related agencies.
  • Programs aimed at European companies.
  • Dynamic Guides aid and incentives: navigable pdf format, the user can download the aid and incentives. The guides are updated daily and are available in the following formats: Complete guide to all aid by sector, and guides CCAA.
  • Specific programs convened by DGIPYME and the organisms that depend on it.
  • Information on financial instruments aims to bring a first approach to the various existing financial instruments in the Spanish market.
Electronic branch (e-Branch) of the Directorate General of Industry and SME
The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism Site
Enterprise Creation Advisory and Initiation Points
'Crea tu empresa' Site
Transfer of companies
Emprender es posible
Impulsando pymes
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

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